Saturnia is a delightful town located in the southern region of Tuscany, in the heart of the Maremma. An absolutely charming location, Saturnia truly deserves to be visited and appreciated for all its extraordinary beauty and charm.

Walking through the streets of Saturnia’s historic centre is a chance to admire and appreciate the beauty of its monuments, buildings and statues. An ancient village, Saturnia is home to many relics which continue today to retell the stories and histories of this enchanting part of Tuscany.

Some of the most striking monuments hidden in the beautiful town of Saturnia include the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, a restored medieval building constructed in the first decade of the 1900s; the Porta Romana, which was originally the only access point into the fortified city; the Sienese walls and, finally, the Archaeological Museum of Saturnia.

The Maremman town of Saturnia is also internationally famous for its sulfuric thermal springs and spa. A magical place, these springs allow visitors to mix the beauty of a vacation in Southern Tuscany with the relaxation and tranquility of the warm sulphurous springs and their many beneficial properties.