Montemerano is a delightful village in the Maremma. Located on a small hill, it overlooks the landscape of Southern Tuscany, its vineyards, olive groves and countryside, and offers views that never fail to fascinate and surprise visitors with their beauty and charm.

The town of Montemerano has very ancient origins, dating as far back as the medieval period. Ruled by many, Montemerano has, over the centuries, been controlled by the Aldobrandeschi family, the Orsini Counts, the Republic of Siena and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

There are numerous ancient treasures hidden in the streets of Montemerano that have managed to maintain the town’s original medieval style. These treasures include the town fortress; the Church of St. George, patron saint of Montemerano and the Church of Our Lady of Cavalluzzo, just outside the village.